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2020 CWSF Picture Parade

The cancellation of this year's Fair has left all of us with an empty feeling. You have dedicated a lot of time and effort into this year's projects without a place to display them.

We would like to offer an opportunity to be part of the CWSF Picture Parade!

Take a picture of your project(s) and send them Ashlee at ashlee.cwsf@gmail.com by August 23rd, 2020 to have them featured in the CWSF Picture Parade line-up on the CWSF's website starting Fair week!

Pictures should include Exhibitor's name, a brief description, and the class it would be under. Pictures of the exhibitor working on their project can also be sent in. Photos can be serious, light-hearted, silly, or even a blooper, but all must be in good taste. Let's have some fun with this and show off our CWSF pride!

*** We are also looking for any photos from past years that were taken at the CWSF that you would like to share. These photos will also be shared on our website. Please include a brief description and the photographer's name. These photos can also be emailed to ashlee.cwsf@gmail.com.
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