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We would like to personally extend an invitation to come to the Central Wisconsin State Fair and we would like to share a few changes we have had recently with you.

  • NEW DIRECTOR: We have a new Executive Director! Dale joined us in June and worked through last years Fair. This is his first CWSF Fair and he has been hard at work to make the 2018 Fair a great experience for everyone.
  • NEW OFFICE STAFF: Along with the change in management came a change in all new office staff as well. We are all very excited to make this year run smoothly and have fun doing it too!
  • NEW DATES: We are also very excited to announce that we have new Fair dates! This decision has been made per the many requests from our community, which was concerned about kids being in school during the Fair. Our new Fair dates now run from August 21st - 26th, 2018!
  • NEW CARNIVAL: We also have a new carnival! We are introducing North American Midway Entertainment to the 2018 Fair for their first year with us! More information on North American Midway Entertainment (NAME) is available below.

As you can see, we have a lot of new and exciting changes at our Fair for 2018. As you will also see, we did not just stop at the few changes we listed above. We are hoping you are as excited as we are.

You "Can't Miss This" !

See you at the Fair!

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