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Carnival - Opens Wednesday August 23rd, 2023

No Advanced Sales for Carnival Tickets

There are no advanced sales for carnival tickets this year.
Please plan to buy your tickets the day you attend the Fair.

View the Carnival schedule for time and any discounts that may apply.

MR. Ed's Magical Midways

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The mission of Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways, LLC is to provide your event a State of the Art Carnival with safe rides, courtesy employees, customer amenities and service. We strive to cultivate the highest possible level of Amusement Ride Services through passionate, inspirational and innovative contributions to every project that we take part in.

We are committed to enriching and enhancing the events we service with special programs that offer free rides for reading, coloring contest and ride safety awareness.

We also like to offer a special “fair experience” for the areas physically and mentally challenged. It is our goal to get family and friends to join together for a good time at the local fair or festival. Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways, LLC will continue to deliver top notch family entertainment without sacrificing what is up most important to the company-customer satisfaction. Mr. Ed’s Magical Midways, LLC will continue to be an industry leader with the talent and vision our company is so justly known for.

We look forward to bringing many smiles to your community.

Best Wishes,

Chad Duchow

Please contact Mredsmidways@gmail.com with any questions.

Safety is Important!

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Your Safety Is Our #1 Concern!

Rides are superbly maintained both inside and out.

We spend all winter refurbishing and maintaining the equipment. This keeps the rides in outstanding condition, both mechanically and in appearance.

Rides are inspected DAILY by the ride superintendent and/or the operator. Ride foreman takes pride in the appearance and safe nature of rides for which they are responsible. No ride operates without a thorough inspection prior to the beginning of each event day. Operators are reminded daily about safety awareness and procedures.

Nothing is more important to us than your safety.

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