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More Carnival information and ride list will be announced at a later date.

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About North American Midway Entertainment

"We are North American Midway Entertainment. Our company consists of five large traveling amusement parks and grew to become the world’s largest traveling amusement company. Now, North American Midway delivers the best in safe and fun midway experiences to over 15 million fair-goers in 20 states and 4 Canadian Provinces."


  • North American Midway Entertainment is the Largest Traveling Amusement Park in the World!
  • We entertain at 12 of the TOP 50 Fairs in North America.
  • We entertain 15 million fair-goers in 20 states and 4 Canadian Provinces each year!
  • The number of feet you drop in less than two seconds on the “Mega Drop” = 130 feet
  • The number of feet on the track of the Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller-coaster = 1,200

Safety is Important!

"To provide a safe family environment, safety is our number one priority! We have adopted one of the most, if not the most, stringent policies toward ride safety in the amusement ride industry."

Safety Policies:

  • On-site Safety Coordinators who work closely with state and local authorities to ensure all rides pass and exceed inspections and examinations.
  • Our program encompasses bi-annual comprehensive non-destructive testing (NDT) for every single ride in the company inventory.

Our staff is dedicated to safety and innovation in the amusement industry. We are always in search of new challenges, and always looking for new growth opportunities. We are driven to exceed our standard of excellence each and every year.

*** Please be advised that children under 42” may be required to ride some of the rides with a paying adult.

Wristband Sales

Please check back for wristband sales.

The Giant Wheel:

Giant Wheel

You will literally float in the sky as you enjoy the incomparable panoramic view on this impressively large 85 ft towering tradition.


The Giant Wheel takes 4 semi loads to haul,
It takes 10 hours to set up, and
It takes 6 men to set it up!

Carnival Rides

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