Friday's Entertainment
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Friday's Entertainment

Date: Friday, August 23rd, 2019
Show Time: 7:30 PM. Gates will open at 6:00 PM.
Location: Grandstand

Grandstand Ticket Prices:
Adults (ages 13+): $10.00 per person
Children (ages 12 and under): $5.00 per person
Track-side Ticket Prices:
Track-side is a specified section in front of the grandstand area, that will be standing room only. See the map below.
Adults (ages 13+): $15.00 per person
Children (ages 12 and under): $5.00 per person
VIP Ticket Prices:
VIP is a specified section in front of the stage. A limited amount of reserve-able chairs will be provided. See the map below.
Adults (ages 13+): $20.00 per person
Children (ages 12 and under): $20.00 per person

Smash Mouth tickets can be purchased online by clicking the "Ticket" button above, or in the Fair office during business hours. Tickets can also be purchased at the Grandstand Ticket booth before the show.
Tickets are limited, and can sell out quickly.
Refunds and exchanges will not be accepted. Lost, stolen, or damaged tickets cannot be re-printed or refunded. All sales are final.

Smash Mouth Biography

Welcome to the happy-shining, phoenix-rising, reuniting world of Classic Smash Mouth in 2018. For the first time in nearly a decade, all five members of what is widely-considered the “Classic” Smash Mouth lineup have committed themselves to the long-term future. Founding guitarist and main SM songwriter Greg Camp (Camp is to Smash Mouth what Pete Townshend is to The Who), along with world-renowned drummer Michael Urbano (a band member for three of the group’s four essential Interscope albums), has returned to the fold for an unforeseeable horizon of Smash Mouth projects already in the works. Founding bassist Paul DeLisle and 20-year-veteran SM keyboardist Michael “Hippy” Klooster round out the classic combo.

A look back at Smash Mouth’s formative years show us a band determined to make an impact from the get-go. Formed in late 1994, the band immediately begins recording demos and showcasing in both San Jose and Hollywood, CA. In June of 1997, Smash Mouth is signed to Interscope Records when label brass catch wind of an unknown (and unsigned) band being ADDED to highly influential L.A. radio station KROQ’s playlist after only one spin of their song “Walkin’ On The Sun”.

Smash Mouth’s major-label debut “Fush Yu Mang” goes more than DOUBLE PLATINUM and sets the table for what most consider their masterpiece, 1999’s brilliant follow-up album “Astrolounge”. No sophomore slump for these guys! Boasting three top-ten hits (“All-Star”, “Then The Morning Comes”, and “Can’t Get Enough Of You Baby”), sales for “Astrolounge” are nearly double those for their debut, approaching QUADRUPLE PLATINUM status.

Smash Mouth’s third, eponymous Interscope release features the ecstatic first single “Pacific Coast Party” and the smash hit “I’m A Believer”. Around this time, Smash Mouth crosses over into film world by providing the musical heart of the soundtrack for “Shrek”, and even making a cameo appearance in the movie “Rat Race”.

Recently, Smash Mouth is very excited to be collaborating with Darryl McDaniels (A.K.A. “DMC” of pioneering rap legends Run-DMC) on a couple of original songs for his upcoming album. And in late 2017, Greg Camp developed a mutual admiration acquaintance with Will Toledo of the band Car Seat Headrest. This lead to Smash Mouth recording a cover of the CSH song “Something Soon”, and Toledo returning the homage with his own version SM’s “Fallen Horses”. These two recordings have been released as a split-single. In May, Smash Mouth will be releasing their long-awaited, all-acoustic version of debut album “Fush Yu Mang” in its entirety. They also begin work this summer on a brand-new album of original material set for a 2019 release.

And again continuing their tradition of entertaining our troops in such far off places as Japan, Guam, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, and Iraq, 2018 will see Smash Mouth rocking the US Military Base in Qatar (near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates).

But without doubt the most exciting news for Smash Mouth in 2018 is the reunification of their classic and most relevant line-up. With dovetailing and galvanizing new energy/serendipity, 2018 can be nothing but a watershed year for the legendary, several times-platinum, veteran pop-stars from San Jose.

Walkin' On The Sun

I'm A Believer

Then The Morning Comes

All Star

You Are My Number One

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